Take a Stand for the Horses in Las Vegas

This was written by Brogan Hortan of Animal Rescue Unit. The subject is the so called "Summit of the Horse Conference," consisting of who's who in the pro-slaughter camp including the ever popular "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis.

This is about getting the slaughter houses reopened in the US and NOTHING ELSE. They lie and spin, but they fool no one - they want to slaughter horses so they can keep on over-breeding to the max and have a convenient - and money making - place to dump their hundreds of "culls,"

I have no words for how much these people disgust me. No lie is too low, no process too inhumane. They don't even care that they will be feeding meat that is not safe to eat to unsuspecting consumers abroad. Their sense of responsibility is nonexistent

Please! Join us if you can. Our horses are NOT food. They deserve better than this.

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Taking a STAND for the horses in Las Vegas

by Brogan Horton on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 10:35am

As many of you have heard, January 3rd-6th will be a sad day for horses.  There is a conference in Las Vegas at the South Point Casino called, “The Summit of the Horse Conference”. This conference is a meeting of the biggest pro-slaughter heads in the country. The event organizer is Sue Wallis, the very same Sue Wallis who thinks that horses, domestic and wild alike, should be slaughtered and be fed to our children in schools and colleges. They are going to discuss, "How to deal with UNWANTED feral horses", "How to restore slaughter in the USA" and " How to deal with unwanted and abandoned horses"....  a few guest speakers include:

-The BLM's Chief Bob Abbey

-Dave Catoor- Sue Wallis- Wyoming

-Ike Sankey – Joliet, Montana

-Sankey Pro Rodeo – PRCA stock contractor

-Larry Johnson, Nevada Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife and former member of BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Committee

-Arlen Washines, Yakama Nations

-Frank Bowman, Illinois Horse Council

-Katherine Minthorn Good Luck, Umatilla, Inter tribal AgricultureCouncil & Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition

-Jason Smith, Warm Springs Tribe

-Tim Amlaw, American Humane

-Temple Grandin & Mark Deesing from Grandin Livestock Systems

-Joey Astling, USDA/APHIS Slaughter Horse Regulation

-Jennifer Woods – Humane Handling and Assessment Tool Project

-Bill DesBarres, Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada

-Chris Gould, Canada, World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses

-Manuel Sada, Criadores de Caballos Deportivos Mexicanos AC, Mexico

            It’s basically a giant conference of horse killers.... the BLM (our government, who is paid with OUR tax dollars) is now saying slaughter is a the only reasonable means of disposal for the "Mass"abundance of wild horses.

We have an incredible opportunity to make a HUGE difference in Las Vegas!

SHARK  has SO generously donated the use of their "TIGER truck", a truck with 4 HUGE TV screen's surrounding it playing looped video. We will drive around downtown Las Vegas, showing the general public images of what they are REALLY talking about inside the summit meeting. Driving back and forth in front of the Casino, in front of the pro-slaughter people walking in and out... Imagine the impact, and attention this would bring to our cause! To be able to EXPOSE the truth to the general public, RIGHT in Sue Wallis' face!!! The look on her face will be priceless, and worth EVERY PENNY!

We are in need of funding to RUN the truck! It needs to be driven from Chicago to Vegas for the Event



- The truck runs on diesel- The screens run on a gasoline generator



We need your help to make this happen!! This is our CHANCE to stand up for the horses in the faces of those who oppose us!



Please donate the following to help:



We need: Frequent flyer miles to get our volunteers to and from the event- Gas cards to run the truck and get it from A- B



Any donation can be made to:


Paypal-  cowgirl101786@yahoo.com (please include a mailing address foryour tax write-off receipt)



Mail Check or Money Order to: (Gas cards can be mailed to the same address)

   Animal Rescue Unit P.O Box 50 North Bridgton Maine 04057



We need to stand together, to be the voice for the horses, for their future!




Brogan Horton


President & Lead Investigator

Animal Rescue Unit

Phone (207) 939-7852

Fax (207) 647-3798


Shark's Tiger Truck
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