Live From A Roundup Near You! We ARE Watching!

This is Herd Watch/GrassRootsHorse first attempt at live streaming from a from a BLM activity. This is the release of the Pine Nut horses - mares WITH their foals.

At first, the BLM said that when they released the mares after administering PZP (controversial infertility drug) that the foals would NOT be released with their mothers. Why? No one seems to know, but whatever the reason, the firestorm of protest quickly insured the foals release WITH their mothers.

This picture was taken by Laura Leigh who was on site. Videos viewable at the link posted here. Yes, they are not great. Yes, the horses do look like ants. But hey! This was the first time, and this will all be fixed in short order.

Please stay tuned to the blog for up to the minute LIVE video of the BLM in action. We TOLD them. We ARE watching! And you can too!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breaking New Ground

In between moments of high anxiety, I had glimpses of what we can really do with live streaming and technology that is focused on this issue. We can really make some positive changes in this very crazy situation we are in. Judging by the calls I am receieving from technology companies, foundations and media, they see it too. I even had moments of "wow this is incredible" and we were not near to what I knew was possible, either. 

Considering, we decided to move forward, with system unfinished, since the public was so interested and frankly we did not know what to expect, I am so stoked.

pinenutrelease 119

When the connection for the feed first took place and I saw people talking and trailers moving through barbed wire fences and Laura wiggled her fingers in front of the camera, I was hooked ! I was there, we were there, together. My dream, is to have at least 5 of these at all roundups and holding faciltiies.......and well ....some undisclosed locations.

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