Pictures and Report from Bald Mountain Wild Horse Roundup

I believe the words and pictures in this report speak for themselves. Stampeding the horses during a "freezing fog" event, no shelter for the horses in bitter cold, new equipment including a "cell killer" which probably had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that every time Laura tried to go live, her cell service would immediately drop out even though it was just fine seconds before. Stinks to high Heaven doesn't it?

Please contact your Senators and Representatives in Washington and ask them if this is their idea of complying with a journalist's 1st Amendment rights. There is nothing so low that these creeps won't stoop to it.

And, get this, Laura was the ONLY observer there!
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pictures and Report from Bald Mountain Wild Horse Roundup

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Yesterday’s freezing cold and a fog of legends at Callaghan wild horse roundup was nothing compared to reports of the bitter cold temperatures in Nevada’s Bald Mountain today. 

The legend, >From Wikipedia:
The name pogonip is an English adaptation of the Shoshone word meaning "cloud" (payinappih). The English-speaking settlers who encountered this unpleasant and sometimes scary phenomenon when they went out West in the 1800s needed a word for it and they borrowed it from local populations.

This freezing cold fog has been known to kill animals by freezing their lungs.

Apparently, blm thinks its a great day to stampede America’s wild horses to their capture. 

Here are five photos, taken yesterday by journalist Laura Leigh. She is on the ground at Bald Mountain reporting back to us on the happenings there and the world is watching.
BaldMountainAAAAA BaldMountain6 
Basing my assumptions on the past actions of this government agency blm, no member of the public would have ever seen these horses. Laura’s pictures are the only testimony to their existence. Thankfully Laura’s courage and fortitude has her witnessing. 

All our attempts to stream live from this location, so far, have resulted in cell service “dropping” immediately as her equipment was set to go live even though it was clear and strong seconds earlier.  New equipment on the government’s blm vehicles, at least those seen in Twin Peaks, had the capability to kill cell service and broadband connections, much the same way as movie theaters do. I can’t help but wonder if Nevada has the same…….and more importantly, why would they need it ?

And since I am asking, why has blm supplied it’s employees with new cameras and new flip videos ? Why would a blm truck need what’s called a “cell killer”, cameras, tracking devices and other types of surveillance equipment ? Why do you suppose………..
Maybe they should have spent the over 62 million dollars in stimulus money they received last year to put the Wild Horse and Burro Program on a sustainable track and not on high tech “toys”.  The word shame does not even begin to describe this scenario.
I am waiting for Laura Leigh’s additional report from today’s roundup activities. I expect to hear from her shortly. 

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  1. What a vicious thing for the helicopter pilot to swoop down and gaff the wild horse. This is utterly reprehensible!

  2. It sure is, Craig. I would exhort people to complain, but what's the use? Nobody's listening.

    Still, I'm sending this to my Senators and Representative. My district has a new Rep this session. Gotta start indoctrinating him.


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