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February 26, 2008

Horse Transport Information:

IL & MD Horse Transport Laws

The IL Horse Transport Law passed its first committee hearing on
Thursday, February 21, 2007 unanimously with the amendment removing
the language that would have created the same loophole that Arlow
Kiehl used in NY to avoid arrest and enter into plea agreements with
lower fines until NY closed the loophole.
Please send your support and appreciation to Representative JoAnn
Osmond, (R) for introducing this long overdue legislation that will
protect the first responders who had to enter that double deck
trailer to remove the horses, and the horses themselves who are
forced to travel in trailers that are not designed, safety tested or
manufactured to transport horses.
Rep JoAnn Osmond,201-N Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
Court Date for IL Horse Crash

Keith O. Tongen, 49, Minnesota is charged with four Class A
misdemeanor animal cruelty charges and one Class B misdemeanor animal
owner duties violation charge. With possible penalties of one year in
prison and $1,000 in fines. The animal owner duties violation carries
a penalty of six months in the Lake County Jail.
The accident occurred Oct. 27, 2006 when a double deck trailer
hauling 59 draft horses from Indiana through Wadsworth, Ill. to
Minnesota overturned. A total of 17 horses died, either on the scene
or within days of the event due to accident-related injuries. The
remaining surviving horses were adopted.
The EPN urges supporters to attend the court proceedings to
demonstrate support for the prosecution of those responsible for the
horses being transported in a trailer not designed or manufactured
for horses.
The EPN is aware of crashes involving doubles in Colorado,
Connecticut, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
and Canada. In at least one of the crashes, two people died as a
result of the crash. The common denominator is the fact that these
trailers are often overloaded and top heavy when carrying horses.
MD Horse Transport Law of 2006 Bans Double Deck Trailers- Cards
The MD Horse Transport Law of 2006 bans the use of double deck
trailers to transport horses and also specifies other safety
regulations regarding the transport of horses. The Equine Protection
Network has added MD Horse Transport Law Cards to our website in
addition to the NY, PA, and VT cards already available.

MD Horse Transport Law:


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The EPN urges the public to download a card and carry it in your car
so that if you see a double deck trailer with horses inside you have
a place to write down the license plate, location of the trailer,
description of the trailer to provide to 911 operators.

Three Hills Rodeo, Bernard, Iowa has a rodeo scheduled in July at the
Cecil County Fairgrounds in Fair Hill, MD. This same company's
drivers pled guilty and paid $5000.00 in fines in 2005 for violating
the PA Horse Transport Law. The EPN hopes that Three Hills does not
plan on violating the MD Horse Transport Law.

The EPN is at the Reading Horse and Pet Expo March 14 – 16th at the
Greater Reading Expo Center. The EPN has hooded sweatshirts and
hoodies supporting HR 503 available along with Save America's Horses
License Plate Holders. See you at the Expo!


Christine Berry
Equine Protection Network


The Reality of Horse Slaughter - Graphic Video!

WARNING! This video is extremely graphic.
NOT recommended for children

I have decided, after much debate, to put this video on my blog. I intend for this blog to be G rated, and this video is certainly not that. Actually, I've seen even more graphic videos of horses on the kill floor, but there's no way I can stand to post those. This one is quite enough to convince anyone that the captive bolt is not humane when used on horses.

Please use discretion.



NetPosse.com Idaho Alert - OH - Paint Mare & Gelding Missing in
Butler County - Jan. 13, 2008

Gunnar was sold at the Rushville IN auction on Jan. 15, 2008, for
$475. Gunnar is TERRIFIED of arenas, but he's a great trail horse!
Also ... pic of brand

Download flyer and get more info here:


Debi Metcalfe
Stolen Horse International, Inc. www.netposse.

reply: stolenhorse@netposse.com

NetPosse.com Idaho Alert - GA - Missing Black TWH Mare - Bartow
County - Dec. 31, 2007

Missing Black TWH Mare New Year's Eve

POSSIBLY STOLEN - Did someone take Star New Year's Eve and is afraid
to return her? It happened to Empty Glass last year! Did someone find
her and not know where she belongs?

Print flyer and get more info here:


Don't forget to contact the owner to show your support...a few words
means more than you know.

Debi Metcalfe
Stolen Horse International, Inc. www.netposse.

reply: stolenhorse@netposse.com

NetPosse.com Idaho Alert - OK - STOLEN Arab & Morgan (preg) Mares -
Stillwater - 1/26/08

Woman desperately searches for her horses - A Payne County woman is
desperately searching for her beloved horses. She said they were
stolen right off her land, while she was in the hospital fighting the
battle of her life. Stolen from owner who was in hospital...fighting
cancer in her liver. Watch the video below and be sure to write to
her and let her know she has your support. She is emotionally

Print flyer, Linda's contact info and get more pictures here:


Maggie, a grey Arabian mare, and Dharma, a bay Morgan mare, were
stolen from their owner's pasture.

Channel 9 did a story on the early and late news Friday. Please take
a look quick as we are not sure how long the link below will be good.
You will not be able to forget this sweet woman.



Don't forget to email Linda, and let her know she has your support!
She really needs it.

Debi Metcalfe
Stolen Horse International, Inc. www.netposse.com
reply: stolenhorse@netposse.com

NetPosse.com Idaho Alert - FL - Stolen Qrtr Horse & 4 Party Ponies
w/Trailer - Jan 10, 2008

Please forward if you know anyone in the lower states....these horses
could be anywhere.

This Dapple Grey gelding and 4 Party Ponies were stolen along with a
trailer on Jan. 10, 2008.

There has to be another vehicle involved, possible a tractor-trailer
rig, as the stolen trailer could not accommodate all these equines.

See pictures and print flyer and get more info here:


Debi Metcalfe
Stolen Horse International, Inc. www.netposse.

reply: stolenhorse@netposse.com

NetPosse.com IDAHO Alert: 2 QH's Reported Stolen from Henry County VA
12/12/07 - AQHA Chestnut Gelding, Sonny, and Chestnut QH/Appaloosa

These horses could easily be in NC, VA, SC or WV.
Please send this to your friends and post a flyer everywhere you can.

Print Flyer/pictures/

updates here:

Sue Harris needs your help. She is not presently in VA it is possible
her horses may not be either. Unfortunately the horses didn't choose
to leave. Perhaps you or someone you know unknowingly witnessed the
following. Please help Sue. Pass this on to your friends and ask them
to do the same. You can see from the pictures that these horses were
loved by those we love most...children.

Possible Lead: Two sightings of 1-2 young men walking horse(s) along
Highway 687 between 7:30-8 PM between Dillons Fork and Valley Drive,
and later between 9:30-10 PM between Orchard Drive and Stones Dairy.
Horses were walked out of property--only one entrance so they had to
have come down the driveway onto 609 and then gone left onto 687 at T-

Reply to Owner: (on page link above) or email:

Reply to this email: stolenhorse@netposse.com

NetPosse.com IDAHO ALERT: 3 AQHA Reining/team penning horses stolen
FL 12/12/07

Harley, Missy and Perky Reining ~ from Frostproof, FL
My grandson needs his horses back for Christmas. Can you help? Please
send this to your friends and post a flyer everywhere you can.

"My name is Perrin Ivey. My horses were stolen Wednesday 12/12/07.
Someone rode onto my property on another horse, got my 3 horses, cut
my fence at the back of my pasture, cut another fence and took them
about 1 ½ to 2 miles to the road and put them onto a trailer. My 10
y/o grandson who competed on and enjoyed these horses is devastated.
All three are finished Team Penning / Sorting horses that my 11 y/o
and I ride. Pleasepost and forward to anyone that may be able to
help. A reward is available for information leading to there return.
Thank you and God bless " -- Perrin Ivey


updates here:

Reply to: Owner (on page link above) or stolenhorse@netposse.com

Debi Metcalfe
Stolen Horse International, Inc.
PO Box 1341
Shelby, NC 28151


NetPosse.com Stolen Horse Alerts for Stolen/Missing Horses and
more ...
A stolen horse could be a long distance in a short time period.
Please pass this to your associations, list groups, council members,
friends and ask them to do the same. If you put information on your
website please link the info to NetPosse.com. SHI will be updating
information and has the only flyer ready to print and post for those
who want to help. The Internet is great for spreading the word but
success stories show that most horse are found from a flyer. Thank
you very much for your generosity in helping these victims. -- Debi
Metcalfe , President--Stolen Horse International.

"From my earliest memories, I have loved horses with a longing beyond words." ~ Robert Vavra