The Reality of Horse Slaughter - Graphic Video!

WARNING! This video is extremely graphic.
NOT recommended for children

I have decided, after much debate, to put this video on my blog. I intend for this blog to be G rated, and this video is certainly not that. Actually, I've seen even more graphic videos of horses on the kill floor, but there's no way I can stand to post those. This one is quite enough to convince anyone that the captive bolt is not humane when used on horses.

Please use discretion.


  1. I don't see your address posted on here, so anyone with a horse that just afford anymore, can bring it to you. With the horse rescues full, and people out of work, never is nowhere to go with their unwanted horse now. so PLEASE post your address so they can bring them to you.

  2. Three comments, Brenda ~

    1. Don't shoot the messenger. If captive bolt slaughter weren't so horrifically inhumane for horses, their slaughter probably wouldn't have been banned in the first place.

    2. If you, or the people you presume to speak for, can afford to ship horses to me, what with the price of gas and all, you CAN afford to have proper euthanasia from a vet and dispose of the body in a way that's available in your area.

    3. Get a dictionary and look up the word "responsibility."

  3. Responsible breeding! Responsible horse ownership!

    That is where the problem lies, folks are not being responsible when it comes to horse ownership.

    Horses deserve a humane death with dignity!

  4. Thank you for your support, Ice Pony Girl. And keep up the fight!


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