One Picture...

Well, here we are, riding in the Aussie saddle. Notice how relaxed Indy looks, head low, playing with his bit. He was not looking this way in this previous saddles, believe me.

As always with a new saddle, I've been fiddling with the stirrup length. It always seems to take me forever to decide just where I want the stirrups on each individual saddle. Most of my height must be leg, because I ride with a longer stirrup than many people who are taller than I am. Still, I've shortened them one hole since this picture was taken, so we shall see.

I haven't ridden in several days because it's been raining and chilly, with a stiff East wind. Indy loves it, but I do not. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get a chance to test the stirrup length. At least the stirrups are very easy to adjust.

More details - and pictures - later. Posted by Picasa
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