Public “Observation” at Callaghan Complex Wild Horse Roundup

The latest report from Laura Leigh on the Callaghan Complex roundup leaves me speechless. Keep in mind, Laura is the ONLY observer braving the frigid weather to bring us these invaluable reports on OUR wild horses.

To have her drive for four hours - assuring her that she would be told if there were any changes in the protocol - Laura arrived to find - a change in protocol that would make "observation" even more difficult that it had been previously. Which means virtually nonexistent.

I realize the BLM hates Laura because they think SHE is the reason they look so bad. It's not them, folks, it's Laura for reporting it. These cretins are adults - at least in age if not in judgement - and they are acting worse than even the brattiest ten year old.

I plan to send this to my Senators and Representatives. It probably won't do much good, but this childish, vindictive behavior is unacceptable. WE pay these idiots with OUR tax money, and I'm totally, completely FED UP!

I'm afraid to think what their next move might be. I'll bet poor Laura feels like Alice in Wonderland. I know I do.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Public “Observation” at Callaghan Complex Wild Horse Roundup

After braving a 4 hour drive through snow, rain and fog to observe and report back to us from the Callaghan Complex, lone observer Laura Leigh was met with an unexpected change in blm’s protocol regarding where the “public” would be allowed to view the roundup from. Although she was promised that she would be alerted to any changes in blm protocol prior to making the long journey she was not told that the  access to view would be changed from what she had experienced during the prior days.
While the prior access was not good, yesterdays access was almost non existent although a 60X zoom lens helped enough to capture these images for us. 
Why the unexpected change in viewing access ? There were no blm personnel available to speak with her on this concern, either by phone or in person at the location. 
The public counts on these reports from the roundups and we are concerned about this unwarranted and unnecessary change in the viewing arrangement. 
In my opinion, on a level of common decency and keeping an agreement in good faith, the blm personnel should have contacted Laura as they had promised, so that this long journey out the location in inclement weather would not have been taken for naught.
Why the unexpected and arbitrary change in the viewing access for a single, lone observer who is a member of the accredited press ?
On even the most basic level, common decency and keeping agreements………in my opinion the blm sets a pretty low standard, judging by past behavior.    

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