BLM to continue castrating wild horses using disputed anesthesia protocol

Succinylcholine is a neuromuscular blocking agent and has NO anesthetic properties. This is the same drug that Dr. Richard Sanford used for castration at the Broken Arrow holding facility in Fallon, Nevada, causing the deaths of several geldings by pulmonary hemorrhage.

Why in the world would the BLM continue to use this dangerous and outdated drug? Well, why not? If you don't give a damn about the suffering and/or death you inflict on an innocent, gentle, intelligent Being who's only crime is existing, you can do whatever you want.

I won't write out what I would LIKE to do to these heartless zombies because I try to maintain a G rating for my blog, but I'm sure I can leave it to your own imagination to fill in the blanks.

Truly, words fail me. I'm coming to believe there is NOTHING these people will not stoop to in order to remove these magnificent creatures from the land that is theirs as native wildlife and by mandate of law. Whatever the reason they think they have for these atrocities, in reality this is nothing but mindless madness.

To those in power who have done NOTHING despite the endless pleas, I say to you that you're not fit for the position you hold, and, if it is within my power, you will not keep it. One of the many incredible things about horses is that they do not hold grudges. I however, do.
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Maureen Harmonay

BLM to continue castrating wild horses using disputed anesthesia protocol

Two stallions at the BLM's Indian Lakes Road holding facility in Fallon, Nevada

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It's official.  The BLM intends to disregard HSUS veterinarian Dr. Eric Davis's "serious concerns" about the use of the paralytic drug, succinycholine, as an anesthesia agent during wild horse castrations.  It doesn't matter that succinylcholine has already caused the deaths of several geldings castrated by Dr. Richard Sanford at the Broken Arrow holding facility in Fallon, Nevada.  And apparently, it doesn't matter that the drug routinely causes potentially fatal respiratory difficulties that are best addressed by pressurized oxygen equipment that is not even available at BLM facilities.

No, it doesn't matter what anyone says:  the BLM and its veterinarians make their own rules, often without regard for what is in the best interests of the wild horses they purportedly manage.  In response to inquiries from Leslie Peeples about the BLM's continued use of succinylcholine during castrations, BLM Public Affairs Officer Jeff Fontana furnished a statement from the agency which claims that "complications and side effects are rare."
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