More Roundups Planned Despite Pleas from Congress

This is it, people. If the BLM is allowed to continue the roundups scheduled for this year, it will mark the end of the line for America’s Wild Horses. In the unprecedentedly aggressive roundups so far this year, the BLM has taken has taken every herd they’ve “gathered” below the level of genetic viability - in short, they left so few horses that the gene pools in the herds are too small for long term survival.

Craig Downer, the famed wildlife ecologist, has warned of this for years, and here it is. The BLM knows exactly what it is doing - make no mistake. They want the horses off the range. ALL of them. Then they can expand existing mining operations, start new mining on pristine land and start blasting the way for the Ruby pipeline - carrying BP gas, among others - across five states.

If the BLM is not stopped - NOW - our Wild Horses will be extinct. And we will have paid for it with OUR taxes. Is this really what America has come to?
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Chief Investigative Reporter George Knapp and Chief Photojournalist Matt Adams

I-Team: More Roundups Planned Despite Pleas from Congress

I-Team: More Roundups Planned Despite Pleas from Congress

LAS VEGAS -- Government contractors have fired up their helicopters for yet another roundup of Nevada wild horses. The latest gather targets a remote area north of Ely, Nevada.
Four more roundup operations are on the schedule in our state this year. They will not only thin the herds, but wipe them out altogether.
2010 already ranks as one of the most aggressive in the history of Bureau of Land Management horse roundups, with a lot more to come. Operations which proved deadly for the herds have already scooped up thousands of mustangs from public ranges, but with no commensurate reduction in the number of private cattle allowed to stay.
The next round seems are designed to wipe out the horses altogether.
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  1. It seems to me that if they're not even going to listen to Congress, then there is little hope for the horses. Even though some people are aware of what's going on not enough care or have the influence to stop this travesty.My feeling is that there are too many things working against the horses and the number one thing is greed and money to be made from their land. Whenever money is involved everything moral falls by the wayside.

    Thanks for the lovely river horse comment you sent me for my mare. I appreciate it and it is beautiful.

  2. We're not giving up - not by a long shot! If you want to stay on top of things, go to http://GrassRootsHorse.com

    This is a site that I and other just regular horse loving folks set up to support Laura Leigh and her legal fight with the BLM. Lots of info here - this is NOT over! You can also donate here if you're so inclined. ;) This is the ONLY place to donate to support Laura.

    Glad you liked River of Horses. Everyone loves this.


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