BLM Investigated About Horses At Slaughter Auction

The BLM says they can tell a Mustang from an escaped domestic horse (estray) just by looking at them. Do you believe this for a New York minute? Neither do I. But it's SO convenient for the BLM because, while they can't legally sell federally protected wild horses to slaughter. However, estray horses aren't protected and can therefore be sold without limitation - that is, for slaughter.

Wild horses can morph into estray horses if the BLM just gets tired of messing with them. Does this infuriate you as much as it does me?
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BLM Investigated About Horses At Slaughter Auction

posted by: Sharon Seltzer 2 days ago
BLM Investigated About Horses At Slaughter Auction
Wild horses are federally protected and cannot be sold in slaughter auctions.  Feral domestic horses are not covered by the same laws. The two groups can look identical. 
Animal advocates and Congress want the Bureau of Land Management to explain the criteria they use to determine which horse gets to live and which horse will die.
BLM’s policy came under fire after 172 mustangs from the 2010 Nevada roundups were sent to a slaughter auction in July.  The auction was attended by buyers from slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico.  Animal advocates say the horses are federally protected mustangs.
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  1. This is really disturbing. But I do have a question, who gets the money the BLM makes from the sales to the slaughterhouses? I sincerely hope there aren't any dishonest people working for the BLM these days. Is there no end to this organization and what they will do.

  2. Where does the money go? Good question. I'm not sure if anyone really knows. Oh, there are some very dishonest people in the BLM and always has been. Sickening.

    There may be more on this story later.

  3. *sigh*

    Hopefully with the Pickens santcuary's green light, this whole issue will cease to exsist.

  4. Good news from this auction - all the horses were taken by rescue groups but 5, and all these went to what appeared to be good homes. NONE for the knacker!

    Kerry, even if the Pickens sanctuary is actually realized, it's for the horses that have been in Long Term Holding, not for new ones just being rounded up. We don't want that because the BLM sterilizes all horses that go into Long Term Holding, and they've done THAT to far too many already.

    It's still VERY unclear how this is going to all work out. As usual when you TRY to deal with the BLM!


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