ACTION ALERT! Support The Ban On Horse Slaughter

Everyone, this may be the most important thing you do for horses this year! This petition is a new venture launched by the White House, with the promise that if a petition can collect a minimum of 5000 signatures in 30 DAYS, White House staff WILL read and review the petition- and forward it up the ladder of 'insiders' if it merits their attention.
This is huge! How many times have you asked yourself or someone else, "WHY doesn't President Obama stop the slaughter of American horses?!"... when inside, you knew that this is an issue of which he is probably not even aware.
Here's our chance to make the President aware of what is happening, and why it should never happen again! You do have to create an account and log in, but it only takes a moment, and this is so important!
Sign this petition. Forward it to EVERYONE you know, and implore them to sign it and share it! If we will each take this VERY seriously, we can make our concerns known at a whole new level!
Forward ho!! Let's do this- NOW!
https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/%21/petition/support-b an-horse-slaughter/q30gJg1k?ut m_source=wh.gov&utm_medium=sho rturl&utm_campaign=shorturl

Horses injured in transit

A screen shot of Sue Wallis on Facebook declaring that bute is safe after 30 days. She knows it is not, but doesn't seem to care.
Children at risk from bute in American horse meat.

Irish_Vet_White_Paper.pdf Download this file
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