UK Horse Owner Law - Coming to Canada And Mexico

I just got this from the UK site, HORSE 4 Life. These are the regulations for the "Passport System" for horses in countries that export horses to be slaughtered for human consumption. This is what is coming to Canada and Mexico next year. If you objected to NAIS, you're going to go nuts over this!

HORSE 4 LIFE equine support - UK Horse Owner Law
UK Horse Owners
Do You Know The law?

The Horse Passports Regulations 2009

It is an offense to own or keep a horse without a passport, therefore it is an offense to sell or purchase a horse without a passport

It is an offense to fail to notify the Passport Issuing Organization of the change of ownership, this should be done within 30 days of purchase or change of ownership.

Any horse born after the 1 July 2009, or which doesn’t already have a passport, must also have a transponder (microchip) fitted. These can only be inserted by veterinary surgeons.

It is an offense to have more than one passport for a horse, if you have, then arrange to return one to the relevant issuing organization.

Passports must accompany your horse at all times, including during transportation (except in emergency situations). The person with primary responsibility for the horse must have the passport made available to them if they are not the owner.

Foals must have a microchip and passport by the 31 December in the year of birth or within six months of birth, whichever is the longer. If the ‘foal’ is to be moved before then it must have a microchip and passport, except where it is being moved with the dam.

All horses presented for slaughter to export to the European Union must follow these regulations - especially ours.
Is this what you want to do so that the Big Breed Organizations and Sue
Wallis can continue to over breed and dump their unfortunate "culls" on
a one way trip to Hell - individuals that most people would be proud to own, except they are not the right color,right size, right conformation for the breeder's sport of choice, etc.,
etc., etc.

What these people really need is a stiff dose of truth serum! If slaughter were the answer, why hasn't it worked? We are sending more horses to slaughter now than when we had plants in the US, and there is absolutely no way to blame any "excess" horses on the fact that the plants are now in Canada and Mexico. Hell, we always sent horses to slaughter in Canada and Mexico, and I never heard even one sniffle about how much "longer the trip" was and/or how much "more humane" the US plants were - until we shut down the three remaining horse slaughter plants in the US that is.

No matter that there are many places in the US that are closer to the Mexican plant just across the river from El Paso than the two in North Central Texas - a long way from El Paso! - and I'm certain many are also closer to Alberta than Illinois. No matter that our plants weren't even slightly more humane than Canada or the EU certified plants in Mexico - where most ofour horses go in Mexico.

So, to all those who are falsifying the affidavits that are required now to export American horses to Canada and EU certified plants in Mexico, I say to you: How ya gonna fake a transponder?
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  1. http://www.horse4life.org/Horse-Passport-Law.html

  2. Has there been proof that the microchips don't have any side effects or cause horses any problems? I would happily have one put in my horse if it saved him from ever being slaughtered and it wouldn't cause him any health problems or discomfort. The discomfort of having me on his back is more than enough to ask of him. :)

    1. Just putting in a microchip wouldn't do your horse any good. The passport system is the ID traceability system in use in the EU. Horses get an official microchip with a number on it. The same number is on the passport which has a detailed medical history of every medication that horse has ever been given. This document must accompany the horses where ever he goes.

      We will never implement such a system which is why the EU will stop accepting our horses after July 31, 2013.


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