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Another on target video from Ginger Kathrens. Please watch & share! At the rate the BLM is removing the horses don't have much time left before the herds are so small that they are no longer genetically viable.

It's sad and frightening that our government is allowing the DOI/BLM to decimate our wild herds in the name of "balance" when it's obvious that there was no "balance" even before more horses were removed. The millions of range destroying cattle and the pitiful remnant of our once thriving herds of wild horses barely hanging on as herd after herd are torn apart, families torn apart, never to see each other again.

It is cruel, unnecessary and illegal.

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  1. Obviously the BLM is managing the herds into extinction. I've also got a hunch the present administration has no idea what's going on with the herds. If they even know what a horse is would be amazing to me. This is a sad situation and I fear the horses will continue to suffer because not enough people know or care what's going on.

    Because this is an election year and because of the current problems in this country it is a perfect time to to put an end to the herds before anyone knows what's going on. There are just too many other issues to address and so the herd situation will continue as it is whether it is illegal or not. The courts in those states are not in favor of helping the horses. I'm afraid all we'll have to remember these wild horses by will be the videos.

  2. I'm afraid you may be right. However, there are still a number of lawsuits pending and one Judge actually did issue a TRO to stop that Sun-J pilot that was actually pushing exhausted horses with the 'copter's struts! He ruled it inhumane and he sounded like he meant business. Only time will tell...


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