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Antelope Complex - Day 5       January 27, 2011

The BLM had to search for the few horses left on this HMA. But, they finally found them - population obviously out of control with serious overpopulation on these thousands of acres. If they manage to find any horses at all, they are over the population limit - as set by the BLM - and must be removed at all costs!

In this video, a band of eight horses enters the chute after being chased for a long distance. They run for a distance before an older mare collapses in the snow, her legs buckling beneath her, utterly exhausted from the long, terrifying run. She lays there helplessly as the helicopter hovers over her. She is too exhausted to move. Two wranglers run toward her waving whips with plastic bags tied to the ends, forcing her to struggle to her feet. Incredibly, the helicopter continues the chase. The spent mare tries to escape, breathing hard, puffs of steam billowing from her nostrils. The helicopter comes within feet of her as she summons her last strength to trot and then run to escape it. To those of us watching, the chase of seems to go on forever; we are shocked that BLM allows it to continue. Finally, the helicopter gives up and the mare is left dazed, her sides heaving. She stops for a moment, then walks off, away from the trap where her family is confined, and out onto the range. Alone.
This mare’s ordeal exemplifies the inhumanity of the roundups, which indiscriminately stampede the elderly, the infirm, the crippled and the very young along with the able-bodied, subjecting them to extreme, and sometimes fatal, terror, trauma and exertion. Even a local, pro-BLM rancher observing the roundup remarked on the chase of the elder mare, “that shouldn’t have happened to that old sister.”

NO, it sure as HELL shouldn't have happened to any horse, let alone an older one. But the BLM contractors get paid by the head - dead or alive, preferably dead. Even a person completely unfamiliar with horses would be able to tell this mare is in serious trouble. How could anyone be so chillingly callus as to do something like this to an innocent old horse?

Please share this video with your Senators and Representatives! Not only is this unconscionable cruelty, WE are paying over a MILLION DOLLARS for this roundup alone. Let's stop the BLM before they do this to even one other horse.

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