D.C We Have a Problem ! Wild Horses Harassed and Abused by Government Hired Helicopter Contractor

A problem. Yes, I'd say we do have a problem. The problem is that no one is doing anything while the BLM and their contractors - this being Sun J - have repeatedly injured, harassed and tortured our wild horses, and will most certainly continue to do so until someone with authority steps up and says, "ENOUGH!"

These sadists are being paid thousands of OUR tax dollars to harass and kill OUR Mustangs. This entire stampede and all the others are being paid for with OUR tax dollars.

Not only that, how can these horses they are removing in such a cruel manner possibly be "excess" when the contractor has had to move the trap site several time because they can't find any horses! Clearly, this cannot be excessive population, and the BLM has no right to remove horses that are not contributing to overpopulation.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

D.C We Have a Problem ! Wild Horses Harassed and Abused by Government Hired Helicopter Contractor

Calls need to be made immediately: Dean Bolstad 775-861-6583, Alan Shepard 775-861-6500, Bob Abbey 202-208-3801, Tom Gorey 202-912-7420 anyone and everyone you can think of to pull this pilot and this contractor off this roundup. Call your legislators now !  These pictures were taken today by journalist Laura Leigh. Copy the pics and send them to congress. There are 8 pictures and details follow.
antelope backside - this is what Sun J is doing
Antelope backside of trap bad contact
antelope backside of trap bad while cows graze
antelope backside of trap this is Sun J 2
antelope backside trap bad 4
antelope backside trap bad 4
Today when no information on the location of yet another new trap site location is given, journalist Laura Leigh traveled to the old trap site and made her way as the crow flies to find the new trap site. What was happening out there in the range to the Antelope Complex wild horses will turn your stomach.
Photos of extremely skittish and obviously exhausted wild horses have surfaced since the early days of this round up and the public needs to get very loud regarding what appears to be not only the questionable ability of Sun J helicopter pilot but his blatant abuse and harassment of these horses as well.
While Laura was searching for the trap location she came upon the trap site from a different angle that afforded her a full view of the gruesome happenings. (And plenty of grazing cows also)
The blm goes to great lengths to deny the public access to view the roundups, especially at the point of capture. Here is further proof of the reason for such gymnastics. 
It appears to me and to a great many other people that these horses have not only been run over great distances but they are being sadistically harassed and abused as well. This helicopter contractor, Sun J has brought in 2 helicopters and while only one helicopter is visible the other can be heard but out of sight, for a very long time and only a mare and a foal are brought in. What are they doing ? more of this ?
And before anyone tries to say the second helicopter is “unknown” we know they are both Sun J helicopters, we have proof.        .
Laura Leigh, supported by Grass Roots Horse is engaged in a lawsuit demanding access to view and report on the welfare of the wild horses from capture throughout their life in the “government system”. This lawsuit is critical and I hope you will visit our website to read the legal filings and make a donation to this fight.
Prior to our first lawsuit the blm was attempting to close off public lands to the public. We prevailed on a First Amendment rights argument and the judge ruled the blm could not bar the public. It would seem obvious by these pictures why they would want us off public lands while this behavior, which appears to be sanctioned by the blm is held from view of the public.  
We are committed to having eyes on the ground and to educating and training others to be effective advocates as well. As you can see from these photos, which are the tip of the iceberg, this is critical as well.
Please support us as we bring these atrocities and abuse of power and authority by the government agency, the bureau of land management who acts under the direction of the Department of the Interior.      
The wild horse roundups at Antelope Complex in NV continue today. The blm has still not updated their “hotline” which is by blm accounts, the “latest” and “most accurate” information nor have they updated their website which claims the same accuracy.
Journalist Laura Leigh is reporting back to us from this roundup which intends to remove 2,000 wild horses from their home range even though only small, scattered family bands have been seen. This same observation has been verified by Ben Noyes, the blm Wild Horse and Burro specialist.
Congress, we have a serious problem and congressional intervention and investigation is warranted. Immediately.
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  1. I hope someone can do something positive for these horses. Obviously, all the calls and letters have done nothing but been disregarded and thrown in the garbage. No one in Washington is paying attention to this and I'm afraid that the horses will be obliterated before anyone does anything to stop the abuse.


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