Wild Horses Routinely Treated with Chemicals Prohibited For Humans

I've been yelling about this for so long I'm almost too hoarse to yell any longer. Finally, the BLM, in the person of BLM chief Washington spokesman, Tom Gorey, officially
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Wild Horses Routinely Treated with Chemicals Prohibited For Humans

January 11, 2011

By Steven Long
HOUSTON, (Horseback) – BLM horses are treated with drugs prohibited by the FDA for humans. Last week about 200 proponents of making horse processing legal again in the United States met in a sparsely attended conference in Las Vegas. It was billed at the Summit of the Horse.
The conference opened concurrent with President Obama signing a new law that gives the federal Food and Drug Administration authority over all U.S. food.
Domestic horses are routinely given chemicals dangerous to humans such as phenylbutazone (bute) and chemical wormers as well as a host of other dangerous substances. Some at the conference asserted wild horses could bypass stringent rules against human consumption because they had not been handled by humans or treated with veterinary medicines in the wild.
Not so, says BLM chief Washington Spokesman Tom Gorey.
“All wild horses and burros are routinely de-wormed in BLM short-term holding facilities while being prepared for adoption or transfer to long-term pastures,” Gorey told Horseback Magazine Monday.
“Horses do not routinely receive phenylbutazone (bute) or other anti-inflammatory medications, but may on occasion receive this type of medication when indicated to relieve pain and inflammation,” he said.
The FDA strictly prohibits the use of bute in humans.
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