Feds and Contractor Caught Conducting Covert Wild Horse Stampede

As you read this, please keep in mind that this is all TRUE and DOCUMENTED. The BLM and the Cattoors are now not only conducting covert removals of hundreds of horses, they actually threatened the life of an advocate on PUBLIC LAND!

Now, President Obama and members of Congress - What do you intend to do about this? Are you actually going to ignore an attack on a tax paying American citizen on public land by one of your Agencies and their henchmen? Do the citizens of the United States of America have ANY rights left at all?

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September 26, 2010

Feds and Contractor Caught Conducting Covert Wild Horse Stampede

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Documentation supplied by GrassRootsHorse
BLM/Cattors covertly loading and shipping wild horses from Sheldon ~ Photo by Leslie Peeples
While law makers and the American public had their eyes concentrated on the much contested Silver King round up in Nevada the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) along with helicopter contractor David Cattoor where conducting an unpublished and unannounced secret wild horse gather at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (Sheldon).
Plaintiff in several suits against the BLM for lack of transparency and violation of First Amendment Rights, Laura Leigh of GrassRootsHorse, was tipped off that there was illicit activity taking place at Sheldon as many roads were closed due to a “wild horse gather”.
On September 22, 2010 Ms. Leigh discussed this situation with wild horse advocate Leslie Peeples, who was already on the road to visit another wild horse herd, and Ms. Peeples immediately changed plans and headed to Sheldon to investigate as no such “gather” was indicated in any public records.
On the morning of Sept. 23, 2010 Ms. Peeples phoned the Lakeview office of the USFWS and when asked if a wild horse gather was being conducted she was told, “yes”.
Cattoor Truck at Sheldon ~ Photo by Leslie Peeples
Ms. Peeples headed out to Sheldon on back roads when she encountered an oncoming semi-truck with a livestock trailer being towed behind it at a reasonable speed.  Ms. Peeples intended to ask the driver where the stampede was taking place so she pulled her car over to the side of the road and stepped out into her lane of traffic to flag the driver down for information.  Upon seeing this, according to filed court documents, the truck driver aimed for the center of the road, speeded up and missed running over Ms. Peoples by only inches.
Read more at rtfitch.wordpress.com
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Press Release From Grass Roots Horse - September 24, 2010

Velma Bronn Johnston "Wild Horse Annie&qu... 
Velma Johnston 
September 24, 2010


Maureen VanDerStad
Contact: Info@grassrootshorse.com

A Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order was filed at 5 a.m. PT September 24, 2010 in Nevada. The action was brought by Laura Leigh, photojournalist and videographer who is supported by Grass Roots Horse in this matter.

The motion asks for an immediate cessation of all helicopter roundups and all related activities regarding any and all aspects of any actions related to wild horse movement, gathering or rounding up as well as any actions involving all horses in short or long term holding.

This motion is about accountability, access, and transparency. “This is about the horses, each and every horse. Every individual life that leaves the range matters and is important to the American public. This is not about some bulk inventory and it is about time that the government recognizes that fact. We are not going away. The wild horses and burros are living beings mandated to be managed humanely.” said Maureen VanDerStad of Grass Roots Horse, a nonprofit group based in grass roots activism.

This battle for humane treatment and proper management of the wild horses and burros has been going on for decades and is still going on. It began on a grass roots level when Velma Johnston first sought to stop the killing and abuse of the wild horses and burros six decades ago. That effort resulted in the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971, which mandated, among many other things, the humane treatment of these symbols of our American heritage and pioneer spirit. The Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Interior have steadily and secretly chipped away at those mandates and protections over the years resulting in the abominable situation we have now. Anything to do with the wild horse and burro program or the animals themselves, even their location, is shrouded in secrecy and hidden under layers of excessive bureaucracy.

Copy of the filed motion: Link

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Press Release From Grass Roots Horse - September 23, 2010

September 23, 2010

Maureen VanDerStad

Contact: Info@grassrootshorse.com

A Complaint seeking Declaratory and Injunctive Relief was filed September 22, 2010 in regard to the proposed Silver King Wild Horse roundup to be conducted in Nevada by the Bureau of Land Management. The action is brought by Laura Leigh, a credentialed photojournalist and videographer who had been among other members of the press who were singled-out during previous wild horse roundups, which the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) euphemistically calls “gathers.”
She was precluded access to areas where other media or press, who were hand-selected by BLM, were permitted unfettered access to observe and to report. In addition, access that would allow press and public to observe the health and well-being of the horses after they were captured was either denied or severely limited.

“Without a free press able to operate as intended by our First Amendment Rights, our system of democracy fails. And it is failing now. This agency (BLM) is doing everything it can to impede the process of informing the public of its actions and all activities. From the necessity to FOIA documents (filing a request for information through Freedom of Information Act) to actual activities on the ground, the BLM goes through tremendous gymnastics to control content of what the public knows and can see. “That’s not democracy, this is something else.” said Plaintiff Laura Leigh.

These recurring actions and conduct by BLM in regard to allowing public access as well as not openly accounting for the handling of the horses from the point of their capture to their ultimate disposition, have been consistent and well documented and are the basis for the complaint filed yesterday, which seeks to ask the court’s help in ensuring it does not happen again, and that a system of transparency and accountability is put in place and enforced. A jury trial has been requested.

The BLM and the Department of Interior published their intent to close public lands for the duration of the Silver King wild horse roundup, and that they would allow only two public observation days, both to be on Tuesdays, throughout the entire three week operation. The Hon. Larry R. Hicks recently ruled that closing public lands during roundup operations and limiting public and press access were prior restraint’s on First Amendment Rights.

“The Press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of the government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people” Justice Hugo Black, 1971

This legal action is supported by Grass Roots Horse, a nonprofit equine welfare charity with a focus on citizen action and grass roots level involvement. “This legal action has needed to happen for a long time, said Lisa Owen of Grass Roots Horse. “Sunshine is the best disinfectant and the public has every right to ensure the welfare of the wild horses and burros at all times and to demand that accurate records on each and every horse or burro be maintained throughout. The public must have unquestionable assurance that the care and treatment of the wild horses and burros are based with the best interests and welfare of the horses and burros in mind, especially since taxpayers are footing the bill for it. We have more than a vested interest in not only the fate of the wild horses and burros from capture onward, but throughout their lives. It is only fitting that a jury trial has been requested.”

The legal filings can be viewed at grassrootshorse.com
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BLM to continue castrating wild horses using disputed anesthesia protocol

Succinylcholine is a neuromuscular blocking agent and has NO anesthetic properties. This is the same drug that Dr. Richard Sanford used for castration at the Broken Arrow holding facility in Fallon, Nevada, causing the deaths of several geldings by pulmonary hemorrhage.

Why in the world would the BLM continue to use this dangerous and outdated drug? Well, why not? If you don't give a damn about the suffering and/or death you inflict on an innocent, gentle, intelligent Being who's only crime is existing, you can do whatever you want.

I won't write out what I would LIKE to do to these heartless zombies because I try to maintain a G rating for my blog, but I'm sure I can leave it to your own imagination to fill in the blanks.

Truly, words fail me. I'm coming to believe there is NOTHING these people will not stoop to in order to remove these magnificent creatures from the land that is theirs as native wildlife and by mandate of law. Whatever the reason they think they have for these atrocities, in reality this is nothing but mindless madness.

To those in power who have done NOTHING despite the endless pleas, I say to you that you're not fit for the position you hold, and, if it is within my power, you will not keep it. One of the many incredible things about horses is that they do not hold grudges. I however, do.
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Maureen Harmonay

BLM to continue castrating wild horses using disputed anesthesia protocol

Two stallions at the BLM's Indian Lakes Road holding facility in Fallon, Nevada

Photo: Copyright Cat Kindsfather. No use without express written permission.

It's official.  The BLM intends to disregard HSUS veterinarian Dr. Eric Davis's "serious concerns" about the use of the paralytic drug, succinycholine, as an anesthesia agent during wild horse castrations.  It doesn't matter that succinylcholine has already caused the deaths of several geldings castrated by Dr. Richard Sanford at the Broken Arrow holding facility in Fallon, Nevada.  And apparently, it doesn't matter that the drug routinely causes potentially fatal respiratory difficulties that are best addressed by pressurized oxygen equipment that is not even available at BLM facilities.

No, it doesn't matter what anyone says:  the BLM and its veterinarians make their own rules, often without regard for what is in the best interests of the wild horses they purportedly manage.  In response to inquiries from Leslie Peeples about the BLM's continued use of succinylcholine during castrations, BLM Public Affairs Officer Jeff Fontana furnished a statement from the agency which claims that "complications and side effects are rare."
Read more at www.examiner.com
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Why the war on America's wild horses?

Why indeed. Partly, it's what it's always been - public lands ranchers seem to forget that they are on PUBLIC LAND and begrudge the horses any of what is theirs by law.

These days though, there's more to it. Even the ranchers are starting to feel a cold wind up their backs, and well they should. Big Energy is coming to take this land. There's money in them thar hills, and Big Energy is planning to make the most of it.

They'll dig more open pit mines and pollute more atmosphere and ground water; they will build more pipelines like Ruby to carry more BP gas. All of these things take WATER - millions of gallons of WATER, and there's even more money to be made in water rights.

Secretary Salazar has said he wants to "industrialize" the West. And they are planning to do just that - until they pump dry the aquifers that took thousands of years to fill. After that, they will leave, looking for new conquests.

Not only will the horses be gone, so will everything else.
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Maureen Harmonay

Why the war on America's wild horses?

BLM says the 178,000-acre Montezuma Peak & Paymaster HMAs can only support 3 horses

Photo: Pam Nickoles Photography, www.NickolesPhotography.com

It seems that hardly a day goes by without the BLM announcing that it intends to round up most of the members of yet another wild herd and put them behind bars forever.  After weeks and months of this, we have to ask:  why the rush to sweep America's free-roaming mustangs from their designated homelands?

The BLM's language belies their true intent.  They no longer talk about "gathers," but are now bluntly describing their missions with a word that reveals how they really view what they're doing to wild horses:  "removals."  As if these horses are a form of vermin that must be eradicated because they pose a threat, or don't belong.

BLM has gotten pretty good at smooth-talking the rationales behind the forced removals of the wild horses, never admitting that cattle interests, or mineral interests, or gas interests, or industrial interests are the true forces behind the dizzying efforts to create vast wild horse-free zones where herds have roamed for decades, if not for centuries.  Instead, they talk about the lack of suitable habitat, water sources, and forage, making it seem that they are doing the wild horses a favor by wrenching them from their families and from the only homes they have ever known.
Read more at www.examiner.com
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The BLM AgreesTo Support Madeleine Pickens’ Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary

I can only hope that this isn't too good to be true. I would love to know what made the BLM turn around. I'm sure it wasn't for the good of the horses, but it might be for the good of themselves. That seems to be the only reason the BLM does anything.

Whatever, if this really does mean that the poor horses in Long Term Holding will finally get their freedom back, I don't CARE what the BLM's reasons are.


“A Dream Come True!” The BLM Agrees to Support Madeleine Pickens’ Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary

We are SO excited to FINALLY announce the best news we have had to share with you in over 2 1/2 years!
Over the past three days, I have been to meetings in Sacramento and again in Washington, DC.  I’ve met with BLM Director, Bob Abbey, Deputy Director, Mike Pool, along with the Wild Horse and Burro team. The BLM has officially agreed to support going forward with the development of the wild horse Eco- sanctuary for the horses in holding! Also in DC, I met with Congressman, Jim Moran, who had already given his blessing, but is submitting legislation to members of Congress on behalf of these wild mustangs. We are so thankful to him and his staff for their efforts on the wild horse and burro issue. All the meetings were fabulous and we could not be happier about the news!
This final acceptance by the BLM this week was the hurdle we had yet to get over. We are so thankful for the opportunity to start our Pilot Program with 1,000 horses, and we aim to get all 36,000+ horses in holding soon after. This action by the BLM shows great leadership on the part of Bob Abbey and Mike Pool for taking a stand for our beautiful mustangs and accepting the solution we have offered. Saving America’s Mustangs gives our sincerest thanks for the monumental cooperation on the part of the BLM for an alternative to the holding pens.
This is a truly a dream come true and I’m thrilled to share this news with all of you!! Let the rejoicing begin!!
Very Sincerely,
Madeleine Pickens and the (*cheering) Mustangs
See more at www.savingamericasmustangs.org
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