Happy Birthday To Indy and Ami!

Happy Birthday, Indy and Ami!

VS Golden Desperado aka Indy
Foaled May 28, 1998
 Chocolate Palomino Morgan Gelding
With me since coming four years old

Petite Ami
Foaled May, 1991
Bay Quarter Horse/Pony Mare
With me since she was a yearling

I absolutely cannot believe Indy is 14 and Ami is 20! How is this possible? It was only yesterday that Ami was just a yearling and Indy was a few weeks short of his 4th bday (actual foaling date)

Ami and Indy hit it off from the moment he stepped off his breeder's trailer in our pasture. She was watching intently from the paddock. Then, when we brought Indy up to meet her, there was some sniffing but none of the usual squealing and pawing. They seemed to become bosom buddies from the first moment.

Hello there!

After ten wonderful years together, we are all looking forward to many, many more! 

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom
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  1. Happy Birthday to Indy and Ami! They look like they love each other. Wishing all of you many more happy years together.

  2. Thanks! They DO love each other, and have from the very first meeting in that picture on the post. They have such a fun relationship. Indy is dominant - by about a half inch. And only if Ami is in the mood to do what he asks. If she's not and ignores him, after a moment he just gives up and goes away!

    Every afternoon, after the stalls are clean, we let them in for a grooming session - have to keep Indy out of the barn while cleaning stalls because he gets in the way and won't leave! He - the Mighty Stallion - comes in first, but while I'm putting his halter on, the Lead Mare ALWAYS comes up behind him and picks at his butt. No amount of dirty looks on his part deter her. I get him haltered and let him in. He heads straight for his hay, and she comes marching in right behind him, veering off to her own hay.

    What a pair!


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