Congress is Watching This Petition ~ Please Sign!

Congress is Watching This Petition ~ Please Sign
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After conversations with several congressional aides, they informed us that Congress is really paying attention to Change.org petitions. They stated we needed to focus on just ONE petition, not create 100 petitions but focus on 1. Therefore we are asking everyone to share this ONE petition everywhere, it already has “34,282″ signatures. This is our time and the time is now!!!!!
CLICK HERE to Sign Petition.  Overturn the Legalization of Horse Slaughter For Human Consumption.

Horses are NOT for consumption. They have been a part of our evolution for THOUSANDS of years, carrying us on horseback, pulling our carriages and plows for crops. We would not be where we are as a civilization without them – that alone should be enough cause for us to respect them enough not to eat them. Honor our history. Now, horses are a part of another form of transportation. They are our partners in personal and leadership development, they take us to the depths of our psyche and gracefully show us how to be better humans. Read the work of Dr. Allan Hamilton, a neurosurgeon who eloquently describes the science between the horse and human interaction, and how merely being around them – in their presence increases our brain function. They are also used in therapy for the mentally and physically handicapped. Have you ever seen an autistic child get on the back of a horse? Their faces light up with joy and their expression defines the very connection they have with that sentient being at that moment. People suffering from muscular dystrophy go through physical therapy on the back of the horse, because of the way they move simulates the way our hips move when we walk. The millions of reasons why this law should be overturned are details, a story. The true reason is in your heart. Could you really eat a horse? Sign this petition if you disagree with horses becoming a part of the drive through menu at your local fast food chain.

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