Front Range Equine Rescue Discovers New Mexico Horse Slaughter Plant

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April 10, 2012 (Larkspur, Colorado) -- Through its own investigation, Front Range Equine
Rescue (FRER) has discovered that Valley Meats Co., 3845 Cedarvale Rd., in Roswell, NM, has
applied for inspection of horses to be “custom slaughtered” and “processed” for human
consumption.  According to the facts uncovered, the facility has been involved in extended
discussions with the Denver office of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).  The FSIS
inspects animals and meat in American slaughterhouses under the auspices of the U.S.
Department of Agriculture.

Horse slaughter for food is a national disgrace, given the iconic nature of American horses and
the especially brutal methods used to kill them.  FRER has mounted an extensive legal battle to
keep American horses from being slaughtered for food, in or out of the country, in light of last
November’s Congressional appropriation of funding for horse meat inspections.  In the last three
weeks, along with the Humane Society of the United States, FRER has filed two Petitions for
Rule-making [http://frontrangeequinerescue.org/front-range-equine-rescue-horse-slaughter.php],
asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the FSIS to enact rules and regulations
which would prevent American horses from being slaughtered.  The Petitions have gotten
significant attention, and FRER intends to continue to amplify its legal strategy for as long as it
takes to eliminate the possibility of horse slaughter in America.

If it is allowed to open, the Roswell plant would be the first U.S. horse slaughterhouse opened
since horse slaughter in the U.S. ended five years ago.  A recent poll shows at least 80% of
Americans oppose horse slaughter. Valley Meats and any other horse slaughterhouses must be
stopped, and the USDA and FDA must see the danger and illegality of producing horse meat
from American horses.  FRER calls on all concerned citizens and groups, in and out of New
Mexico, to support its efforts by contacting state, local and federal officials and voicing your
strong objection to the resumption of this horrific practice in America.  For more information on
how to help, contact info@frontrangeequinerescue.com.

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  1. Can you please help me? I can't find a link to contact you directly, so sorry for posting here. I have found a "rescue" that is selling the animals it rescues to a horse meat dealer & shipping them off to Japan, but no one is doing anything, the lady who is doing it: Her husband is the investigating officer who seizes the animals, & they are bulletproof. They get about 10 to 16K when they take horses from a seizure, they get grants from the city shelter, & then they sell the horses for meat. They have taken in 417 animals & only adopted out 32, so 385 animals have went to slaughter, possibly a lot more because they collect the free horses from craigslist & run ads looking for free horses as well. I have done several stories about it, here is my last one. Who do I call about this? What do I do? Please help me if you can. Thank you, Brandia


  2. Try Frontrange Equine Rescue - Hilary Wood info@frontrangeequinerescue.org She really cares.


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