Twin Peaks - BLM Drops All Pretense

This is the real BLM in action. After the reporters were gone, it was a hell-bent-for-leather stampede in the summer heat. The BLM was moving so fast, you'd have thought there was a deadline of something. What is the freakin' RUSH?

Horses were driven for miles in the middle of foaling season, rushed into the chutes so fast they got jammed in to knots, then processed without a moment to eat, drink or rest.

This is what the BLM is doing with your tax money. Terrorizing horses with plastic bags on rods when the horses are already in a panic. Mares and foals completely separated, downed mare did not receive any help and there were NO veterinarians on site.

As far as I am concerned, this is beyond unacceptable. It's an atrocity. It's illegal. Where are all the authorities who are supposed to prevent cruelty like this? Where is the oversight, the accountability?

Where is America?

Twin Peaks Stampede Outrage

Posted Aug 15, 2010 by lauraallen
Reprinted courtesy of Simone Netherlands, Founder, Respect 4 Horses
Note from Animal Law Coalition: Prior to the start of the Twin Peaks wild horse roundup, U.S. District Court Judge Morrison C. England, Jr. denied motions for an emergency stay, temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction requested by citizens to stop the roundup until the court had decided whether BLM was acting legally.  In doing so, the judge in an oral opinion issued from the bench, simply said he was satisfied with the precautions BLM would take to protect the horses. For more on the plaintiffs' case....
Twin Peaks wild horse roundup
Leslie P, director of Wild Horse Investigations for Respect 4 horses, and Jennifer, volunteer for Respect 4 horses, as well as Craig and Christy and Jessica and a few others, have been on the scene of the roundup in Twin Peaks from day one. (no last names for their protection)
The first day was a stellar performance by the BLM. Horses only had to come from 20 minutes of a distance and were even observed trotting every once in a while. There were some reporters (Sac Bee) that justifiably reported that the roundup was conducted without much of a fuss.
Day two and three, no more reporters, no more pretense. Horses came from miles and miles, it took the helicopter three hours to bring them in, horses were exhausted, soaking wet with sweat, way too many horses brought in at the same time, horses turning around and then being chased again a second and a third time, all the while the babies desperately trying to keep up, helicopter unbelievably close to the horses and horses being over-chased to the point of being completely piled and stuck in the traps.
After horses are trapped and closed in, BLM men start immediately whipping their Wal-mart bag whip sticks at them separating babies from moms, and stallions from mares. After this, they are then frantically whipped into the trailers to be brought down to temporary holding. They drive at incredible speeds with trailers full of panicking horses and downed horses on the dusty roads, you would think they were trying to catch an airplane. It should be mentioned however that Troy Cattoor was so thoughtful to whip some downed horses into getting up.
Arriving at the lower holding pens they are unloaded in that same incredible hurry, falling over each other, and then, as if they had not had enough stress yet, they are immediately processed. This means they are forced into the chutes to receive vaccinations and dewormers and who knows what else. The entire group is being whipped and flagged and stressed for hours on end. These horses are in mortal fear without a break for water or rest, for literally the entire day. Advocates are carefully kept at large distances during this process. The next morning it begins all over again because then they are transported to yet another lower holding pen.
Read more at www.animallawcoalition.com
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  1. This is disgusting. I fear it's not going to end any time soon. Apparently, no one is Washington is listening or cares. It's such a shame.

  2. This was beyond anything I've seen before. They were rushing the horses like they had a plane to catch.

    The horses were stampeded for miles over volcanic rock in the heat and in the middle of foaling season. They were rushed up the chutes so fast the panicked animals got stuck in hysterical knots - during which they were terrorized by the use of plastic bags on rods to get them moving again. It was beyond belief.

    In one instance, that helicopter was almost sitting on their backs as they tore frantically up the chutes.

    If this isn't blatant abuse, what would it take? The BLM's cold lack of concern is chilling.


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