Oppose Massive Wild Horse Roundup in Wyoming’s Red Desert;1,500+ Mustangs Targeted for Removal in Adobe Town

Email your comments to The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign by Friday (August 13); they will hand deliver to BLM on Monday (August 16)

Please go to this link and give them your comments. It will only take a moment. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm living in America anymore. The BLM has lied, misled a Federal Judge, committed atrocities that they weren't even going to report until advocates caught them out, and even then they lied.

Of the 38,000 American Mustangs they are SUPPOSED to have in long term holding, by the BLM's own published numbers, 2000 are unaccounted for.

What is happening to our Wild Horses?

Oppose Massive Wild Horse Roundup in Wyoming’s Pristine Red Desert; 1,500+ Mustangs Targeted for Removal in Adobe Town

Email us your comments by Friday (August 13); we will hand deliver to BLM on Monday (August 16)

BLM is galloping ahead with its wild horse roundup schedule, despite overwhelming public opposition and the request by 54 members of Congress to halt the mustang captures. Among those targeted: the famed wild horses of Adobe Town in the pristine Red Desert region of south/central Wyoming. Photographer Carol Walker has chronicled the lives of these magnificent mustangs in her book Wild Hoofbeats.

Beginning in October, BLM intends to round up — via helicopter stampede — 1,951 wild horses, or 80 percent of the estimated mustang population living in the Adobe Town Herd Management Area (HMA) and the adjacent Salt Wells Creek HMA. Nearly 1,600 of these wild horses will be permanently removed. BLM claims that this vast, 1.7 million acre range can support no more 610-800 adult horses in Adobe Town and 251-365 in Salt Wells Creek. Meanwhile the agency allocates more resources within this public lands area to privately-owned livestock than to our federally-protected wild horses.

Read more at www.wildhorsepreservation.org

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