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Friday, July 16, 2010

Grass Roots Activism Takes a Stand

Many people have asked me how this grassroots supported lawsuit to stop the Tuscarora roundup in Nevada cam about. 

I would like to share that and say this is just the beginning. 

Geographical location is not a hindrance to making a difference in the fight to save our wild horses. I took action right from kitchen counter.

Last week, when it came to my attention that no lawsuits were being filed to stop the Tuscarora roundup ( I just can’t call it a gather) grassroots activism took a stand.  Through networking, regular people were able to bring a lawsuit to stop the Tuscarora roundup and to make an argument that our First Amendment Rights are being violated by barring the public from witnessing and documenting what the government was doing to the horses on our public lands.  The argument that really got me fired up was the one that the BLM would be rounding up during foaling season.

Many newborn horses and pregnant and nursing mares would be stampeded along with the others. Babies and young horses who could not keep up would be left to die in the desert as the helicopters stampeded their mothers onward to capture pens.
All the horses would be driven over razor sharp volcanic rock.

As if what is being done to all our wild horses isn’t bad enough, this was too much to bear.

In record time we hired our own attorney to bring the suit with Laura Leigh, as a plaintiff with standing. Within 24 hours the papers were filed.

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  1. I hope this will help stop the round up which will surely leave many horses dead. These needless round ups should be stopped and I'm glad there are dedicated people who know how to get things done.


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