Government Spin Machine Goes into Overdrive in Wild Horse Case

The BLM is totally out of control, killing and brutalizing the Mustangs they are supposed to protect. They spin their way out from under the law, doing only the bidding of Big Cattle and Big Energy.

Let's stop them NOW!
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Government Spin Machine Goes into Overdrive in Wild Horse Case

by Laura Allen

July 19, 2010
The Bureau of Land Management is the federal agency within the Department of Interior that is tasked with protecting wild horses and burros.
But someone needs to tell the BLM that.
The Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act is specific in requiring BLM to protect wild horses and burros as "components" of the public lands, free from "harassment" and "capture," and manage them at the "minimal feasible level" to maintain "free -roaming" behavior. Instead, BLM has turned the Act on its head, managing these animals primarily by rounding them up and placing them in long term holding facilities.
Two federal judges have already warned BLM that its policy of keeping wild horses and burros in long term holding facilities may not be legal.
This past week, Laura Leigh filed a lawsuit in Nevada federal court asking Judge Larry Hicks to order BLM to delay the Tuscarora roundup until after foaling season, and also to allow media access to the roundup.

Stop government roundups of wild horses and burros

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