In The Spirit of Compromise?


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April 16

Most stallions and weaned colts are doing well and gaining weight.  Mares from Black Rock East, Black Rock West and most Granite horses continue to do well.  Mares from Warm Springs and Calico are improving.  Mares that have been isolated for poor condition are gaining weight.  No miscarriages occurred.  Mares are actively foaling and new foals are born daily.  Work to geld horses four years and younger began today.

Facility Death: 0 Cumulative Death total: 79

Well, well. Ain't this fine? Hot off the BLM presses just yesterday - the same day Laura Leigh dropped her lawsuit against the BLM for the Sheldon disaster. The BLM has a "new plan" to create a mega-plex for the horses in the west. So, Laura decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, and as she said, "In the spirit of compromise," she would drop the suit.

This is the BLM's way of thanking her I guess. Maybe they feel this isn't violating their agreement not to geld any stallions before the IDA lawsuit is settled. Technically, the horses they are gelding are not stallions - because they are four years old or younger, they are colts. Right.

I was really getting my hopes up here. Maybe the BLM had realized they were between a rock and a hard place and was ready to actually do something. Perhaps, just maybe, the BLM was ready to have constructive dialogs with advocates like Laura.

What was I thinking? How can anyone have a "dialog" with people like this?

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