Down Time

A couple of days ago, I turned off the computer - with all the information about the latest atrocities committed against wild horses, and all the videos of unspeakable horrors inside horse slaughter plants - and went on a Sanity Ride with Indy. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon using the shedding blade on both Indy and Ami. Even she enjoyed it! And I felt renewed - as I always do after spending time with those two.

The ride itself was just great. Indy was so responsive you'd think I'd been riding all winter - which is certainly not the case. I was never able to handle cold very well - heck, I thought Dallas winters were cold! - but, since that shingles episode, I have become so sensitive to cold I can hardly stand it at all. I'll actually be shivering when Mike says it's warm. Also, my right sinus - the shingles were confined to the right side of my head and face - is extremely sensitive to my inhaling cold air. Actually, sensitive isn't quite the right word - maybe painfully sensitive - because it really hurts and doesn't stop when I come back inside the house. It wasn't as bad this year as it was last year, so I guess there is hope, but I certainly avoided the cold wind this go round.

Anyway, Indy was perfect and it was certainly warm enough - something like 80 degrees! I believe we have already set three record high temperatures for April. One day it was almost 90! The problem is we have a few warm days, then it gets cold again. I have got a nasty cough that I probably won't be able to get rid of until the temperatures stabilize as warm.

I'm sure Indy and Ami are loving the cool breaks, because they both put on the heaviest coats I think they've ever had for this winter. I don't know why - it wasn't unusually cold. Let's just say, they were prepared...

I just had to take pictures of Indy especially in his magnificent Yak-like coat. I was having to use my zoom to the max, but you can tell Mr. Hairball is well protected. 

Indy from the left...
Indy from the right...

Indy and Ami dozing in the sun

It's harder to tell about Ami's coat because her hair doesn't get as long as Indy's, but is it thick! She also changes color with the seasons almost as dramatically as Indy does - just in the opposite direction. Indy gets very light in the winter - especially his mid-section. Ami gets darker in the winter. As a bay, her top-line is always black, but in winter the black extends up her neck and down her sides as you can see in this picture. Come summer, a lot of the black will retreat until just her top-line is black and her body will become almost a honey color. She is beautiful either way.

The really interesting thing about Ami this spring is how she seems to be feeling so good! When Indy starts something with her - which is often - she is ready to give as good as she gets, running, bucking and picking at him back. Usually, she mostly ignores his attempts to get her going, but not now. 

I'm not sure what the reason is for her becoming more frisky than usual for her. She did make it through the entire winter without even so much as a hint of bruised soles - which was especially great because last winter was murder for her. She's always had tender soles and when the ground was really hard/uneven you could tell she was watching her step. Then, after she foundered in 1995, her soles were even more tender. Not this year though.

The one thing that's different for her - and him too, for that matter - is losing a lot of blubber. Yeah, blubber. They were too fat, so we just bit the bullet and not only kept them in the paddocks from early spring until mid winter, we also cut back on their hay. I guess it probably was harder on me than it was on them, but they definitely didn't appreciate it! Still, I can't help but think the loss of a significant amount of weight must have helped Ami's feet - and Indy's too, for that matter - not to mention just making her feel better in general.

Whatever the reason, it's wonderful to see her romping and playing with him and having as much fun as he is. They've been putting on quite a show and we can see it all from the kitchen window.

 Everyone has to have their down time.

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  1. It is discouraging to read about the wild horses and slaughter plants and all the other abuse that goes on. Sometimes I just have to take a break from it too because it's just too depressing.

    I'm glad you got a ride in that always makes me feel better too. Indy and Ami are very nice looking horses. Mine get like yaks too , but are now almost shedded out. Hope you have more good warm days.

  2. Yeah, it just gets to be TOO much. And so frustrating when you see all the lies put out by the anti-horse people on both fronts.

    We may have gotten a big break today in Belgium. I've got it posted now. Just do NOT watch the video on the link - I think it's the worst I've ever seen. Inhuman.

    Hope you're getting some nice weather too. It's been a bit cold and windy the last few days, but it's trending warmer, and, after looking at that video, I NEED another ride.


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