BLM Destroyed Another Wild Horse Herd While Advocates Sat At Advisory Meeting

Get MAD! Get VERY mad while there are still some wild horses left for us to protect! 

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BLM Destroyed another Wild Horse Herd while Advocates sat at Advisory Meeting

BLM’s Don Glenn Openly Lied to Press and Advocates while Wild Horses were Rounded up
article courtesy of  The Cloud Foundation

Once free, their beautiful lives ruined - Palomino Valley 12/11/09 - Photo by K. McCovey

Following the yet-unsolved shooting death of 6 federally-protected mustangs, more of America’s mustangs are removed; at least one mare has died to date.
The discovery of shooting deaths of six wild horses on the California-Nevada border has led to the exposure of an apparently clandestine BLM roundup of over 200 horses. The roundup of the Buckhorn Wild Horses was scheduled to begin in August 2010.
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  1. Well i think this is very complicated issue and must need to solve as soos an possible.

  2. This is disgustin and these crimminals need to be stopped. But who will do it, that's the big question. No one seems to care or want to take these guys down. It's frustrating because it seems nothing is working.

  3. Well, the situation as it stands now isn't complicated at all - Either we stop the BLM NOW or it will be too late to save our Wild Horses. It's as simple as that.

    I wrote to my Congressmen and Obama yesterday asking why the BLM is above the law, the mandates of Congress and the overwhelming will of the American people.

    On Wednesday, Craig Downer will be presenting his case to the judge for a permanent injunction on the Calico roundup. Keep your fingers crossed.


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