The Ballad of Slaughterhouse Sue

This Glorious Presentation is dedicated to that tireless and dedicated Advocate of Horse Slaughter for Profit, the disgrace of Wyoming, your enemy and mine - Slaughterhouse Sue!

Okay, everyone - Get out your captive bolt pistols! Pull on your tall boots so the blood won't get on your good pants, and lets do the Slaughterhouse Boogie all around the old kill chute!

After the celebratin' is over, we can set down to a wonderful meal of Horse-meat Chili eaten off our beautiful horse hide tablecloth! Hey! The chili and the tablecloth were made from the same horse!
A butcher shop specializing in horse meat in P...Image via Wikipedia

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  1. She's a real piece of work. Hope they stop this soon.Unfortunately, with all the nonsense going on right now in this country the horse problems are the last thing that will be taken care of.

  2. Agee - with so much going on in DC how can we expect much attention? Sad but true.

    In Defense of Animals and Craig Downer have filed an appeal for a permanent injunction in their lawsuit against the BLM. Will be heard on 12/16 I believe. Will post here as soon as I know anything. Downer really knows what he's talking about, so keep your fingers crossed.


"From my earliest memories, I have loved horses with a longing beyond words." ~ Robert Vavra