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Please! There is still time to help Cloud! Keep calling and writing!

www.thecloudfoundation.org - Status Update
On Sunday we think that the Cattoors will round up all the horses on the mountain-top-- Cloud's band included-- and drive them the 10-12 miles down the mountain. We are most concerned with the week-old filly and the elderly Bigfoot. There is no reason to bring these specific horses down the mountain and we are requesting that the roundup crew leave them alone.
There is an incredible public outcry for these horses and while the BLM is turning a blind eye to the public whose horses they are charged with managing, others are listening. Please continue to call and demand that your congressionals ask the Montana senators Baucus and Tester, as well as congressman Denny Rehberg, why they are allowing the destruction of this unique little herd on their watch. Tester and Baucus' offices have been telling us that this matter is in the BLM's hands-- this is unacceptable. Demand that fewer horses be removed. These horses are far too special to give up on.

Thank you everyone-- all of us here witnessing this roundup feel your support for these horses and we will keep working to save this precious herd.


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  1. Thanks for the update. Unless a higher power steps in and stops them,I think this is a lost cause and the BLM won't listen to anybody. They don't have too, they seem to be able to do whatever they want wherever they want. It's such a shame that no one will listen to reason.


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