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Fight continues to save Cloud’s herd « Straight from the Horse's Heart
Dear Supporters,
We’re sorry to announce that the District Court judge in DC denied our request for a temporary restraining order today and the roundup of Cloud’s herd is to start tomorrow. You can read the court documents here. BLM’s reasoning for this roundup is pathetic. Please don’t give up - we are doing everything we can to monitor this operation and influence the outcome. Young foals only DAYS OLD are on this mountain. Horses in their LATE TEENS and TWENTIES will be removed- this is unacceptable.

Secretary Salazar and the BLM aren’t listening to the public, nor are the Montana Senators. Cloud’s herd represents all wild horses in the West and if we can’t save this most famous herd, what chances do we have with the rest? Please continue to call and fax your congressionals, President Obama (202-456-9000), and all media outlets you can. Read a recent USA Today article here.

Watch our 2 new YouTube videos! Crow Elder & Historian Howard Boggess speaks out for the horses and Advocate Julianne French tells us just who has been hired to do this roundup.
Read and share our most recent Press Release on the current situation and the federally indicted contractor hired to round up Cloud’s herd.

National media attention is being focused on the plight of the herd. We hope it will make a difference.
Please help us bring the struggle of these wonderful animals to the attention of our government. They must not turn a blind eye as this enduring symbol of the American West is lost.

My thanks to all of you who are working so hard. Never give up!

Happy trails,
Ginger Kathrens
Volunteer Executive Director

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  1. I don't know who else I can possibly call or write to. This is such absolute bull, and they are getting away with murder. I guess we can only hope for someone important enough to come to their rescue and launch an investigation into the murky dealings of the BLM, before it's too late.

  2. You are SO right. I don't know whether I'm more mad or sad - or both.

    I'll keep you posted...


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