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This is an update to my last post - see below this one. The BLM is still planning this roundup. Please note this word of advice and write to the suggested individuals.

We are running out of time!

UPDATE: A kind insider, within the BLM, has a word of advice for us: “You might remind folks that letters to the State Director of the BLM in Billings and/or their Federal Representatives (Senators and Congressmen) are worth their weight in gold. The later (letters to Congressional reps expressing your concern or horror and asking for your Congressional rep to get answers/details from the BLM) are more effective than petitions. Petitions are viewed as “one comment” instead of many, many comments of concerned citizens: one letter = BIG pile of correspondence that the BLM must respond to.rtfitch.wordpress.com, The Force of the Horse®, Aug 2009

Thank you so much!

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  1. Thanks for continuing to keep us posted...I'll write again!


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