Warm Days, Spring Vaccinations And More Great Stuff

I can hardly believe it! Every day this week has had highs in the upper 60s/low 70s. What a change! I groomed both horses yesterday and today, and got bales of hair. Horse hair mattresses, anyone?

Also, Dr. Conley came out to give the guys their spring vaccinations and generally look them over. That all went well, and Dr. C was happy that both horses had lost some weight. They need to lose more I know, but at least we have progress.

Dr. C had a bit of very exciting news. He and his associates and planning to build an equine clinic - with full surgical facilities - between Ft. Wayne, where Dr. C is based now, and Columbia City, which is out our way. That would make it something like 30 to 45 minutes away! Right now, the large animal hospital at Purdue, 100 miles away, is the only option. Not that Purdue isn't fantastic, because they are. But 100 miles could be a long way with a very sick horse. Dr. C is an excellent vet, and I'm sure his associates are of equal quality or they wouldn't be his associates.

Not only is this great news in itself, it also relieves our worrying about Dr. C deciding to retire or go teach at Purdue (he's been invited to do so) or something else equally devastating. I guess you've picked up on the idea that we don't want to lose him as "our" vet!

When we moved here in 1992, I had a difficult time finding a vet. In Dallas, I'd always had "equine only" practitioners. I found out quickly - with some very bad experiences - that I wanted the same here. There aren't as many to choose from as there were in the DFW Metroplex, but I found two - Dr. C and Dr. Jensen. I want to keep both of them!

And, to continue my paean to spring's arrival, we actually had to get out the fly masks for the guys this morning! I thought they were being bothered yesterday, and sure enough, they stayed our much more today with their masks on. Will fly sheets be next?


  1. Fly masks? I wish! ;) We got a dusting of snow today. Just two weeks ago we were riding at 7 PM in tank tops! My dream of riding and working outside this weekend has gone down the drain....I might just hibernate until July!


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