Everybody Talks About; No One Does A Thing About...

The weather. Oh yeah. I hate to keep posting about the darn weather, but it's about the only thing going on. It was 28 degrees this morning. Thank goodness Indy and Ami love this weather and were apparently outside most of the overnight hours since there was nothing to clean up in the stalls. Even the cats must have been out all night.

We did have one fairly warm day last week, with the afternoon temp being almost 70 degrees. Unfortunately, the wind speed was up there too - gusting to almost 40 mph. Just a bit much. In fact, it seems to happen that way quite a bit - reasonably warm day with wind speeds to match the temperature.

That situation does remind me of the comment made by one of the saddlers at Down Under Saddle Supply where I got my Aussie saddle. The first saddle that I ordered was the Wizzard Poley, which has stuffed panels similar to an English saddle. I had done quite a bit of homework on Aussie saddles, and I knew that for very wide backed horses, the ones with a fleece panel, like a western saddle, were recommended. With that in mind I had intended to put the Snowy River Legend - which has the fleece panel - as a second choice. But, of course, I forgot.

A couple of days after I mailed off my order form, I received a phone call from Lance at Down Under. He had called because after seeing Indy's withers tracing he was concerned that the Wizzard Poley wouldn't be comfortable for him. He suggested that I might want to change my order to one of the fleece panel saddles.

Well! I was impressed. I mean, he could have just sent the one I ordered after all. I told him that I had intended to put the Snowy River Legend as my second choice on my original order, and it would be just fine since I really liked both saddles.

Lance said okay then - he's get the saddle made and shipped out that evening. I told him that he didn't really have to rush because the wind had been so strong I couldn't have ridden anyway.

Then he said that he didn't think the horse that went with this withers tracing was in any danger of being blown over! I had to laugh out loud at that one. Of course, it wasn't Indy I was worried about in the first place.


  1. Hi

    Just found your blog via the power guides. Nice to hear from a fellow Hoosier. I live in Hope down south central Indiana. If you ever trail ride maybe we will meet up. Enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. Thanks! I'd love to trail ride with you sometime.


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