Update From Indy

hi everyone! it's me, indy, again with an update on my mom. remember i told you how she broke her wrist in my first post? well she's letting me use her computer again to tell you about whats happening.

she got the pins taken out last week and she says shes much more comfortable with them out. one of the pins had made a sore on her hand but now it's gone and the pain it was causing her has gone and the sore healed.

she still has a cast though and cant use her left hand much at all still. since she is left handed this is putting even more stress on her right hand and this is the hand she injured doing so much keyboard input when she was working. its bothering her a lot now.

hopefully she will get the cast removed in another week and things can start getting back to normal. it may take a while though and she may not be supposed to ride me for a while. thats ok i guess cause we don't ride too much in the winter anyway - at least not on the really cold and windy days. humans dont seem to be able to stand the cold like we horses can. i think it's because they dont grow a decent winter coat and have to keep putting on and taking off those things they use instead of hair. very strange.

ok thanks for reading. hope to report continued progress. mom does type better than me.

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