USDA Picture of One Transport Violation at Beltex Corp. in Ft. Worth Texas 2005

USDA picture of  transport violations of Beltex Corp. in Fort Worth, Texas in 2005. There are 899 more pictures from Beltex just like this one. Is this your idea of humane? Picture obtained under FOIA request.


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  1. Just horrible. We can only hope it stops one day.

  2. It won't stop unless we actively fight for it. Otherwise, it will go on forever and no horse will be safe from this same fate.

    We are getting traction from the very real food safety issues with American horses. As you know, our horses are not considered to be food animals like cattle, pigs, etc. They are not subject to the very strict regulations that must be followed from food animals. The most every day things we use on our horses have plainly on the label: "Not for use in horses intended for food products." Look at the label on your fly spray. This means that if a horse is EVER exposed to this substance in his/her entire life, that horse is permanently banned from the human food chain.

    Bute is probably THE most dangerous drug that we use with or horses. It is ABSOLUTELY banned in food animals. Even ONE dose is a ban for life from the human food chain.

    Under the circumstances, it is not only immoral and unethical, it's illegal for our government to turn a blind eye while we export tons of contaminated horse meat to consumers overseas. If we don't do something about it, they will, believe me. I would like to see the US take the highroad here, but it looks like the Ag lobby is not going to allow that. Well, when the European Union banns ALL American horses that will be it, and I don't think they're far from it.


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