A Note From the Field

This is from Laura Leigh, the advocate GrassRootsHorse is supporting in her ongoing law suit against the BLM and their transgressions against our wild horses.
It has become obvious that the BLM is retaliating against Laura, unbelievable as this may seem. This is only the latest example. There seems to be NO level to which these people will not stoop - and our tax money is paying for it all, including their salaries.
Laura does have a Court date now. On Wednesday, November 17th, she will again be in Judge Hicks court in Reno, arguing for our horses and her - and our - Constitutional rights.
For now, however, she only wants to pick up her beautiful Mustang in peace and fairness. This is YOUR tax money at work.....
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A Note From the Field

November 12, 2010
Story and Photo by Laura Leigh, 
Horseback Magazine Special Correspondent, 
RENO, (Horseback) – I have spent literally thousands of hours on the road trying to document the hands-on care of America’s National Treasure, the wild horse by the agency tasked by Congress to manage these beings “humanely.”
My travels have included documenting wild horses on the range, at roundups and holding facilities.
I do this work because I am passionate about the subject. These animals speak to my soul. The convoluted process that has them literally trapped both fascinates and disgusts me.
When I am at roundups, or facilities that house our horses, I may express my opinions but I am never “out-of-line.” I obey rules, no matter how ridiculous.
At the Silver King roundup I was “grabbed” hard by a beautiful Albino stallion. His gaze was riveting. When he shipped we followed him from Pioche, Nevada all the way to Gunnison Prison in Utah.
As I inquired about his adoption, to go to sanctuary with some of the others, I exchanged emails with a woman I met once.
Dona Bastian runs the BLM facility at Gunnison.
In the course of her emails to me she told me I had to make sure to tell them when I was coming to pick up the stallion. She informed me that they needed to notify SWAT.
I’m not kidding.
Here is the email:
I need a application for adoption and also payment before the animals are

picked up. Do you have an approved adoption application? I know you said

you was working on it with John Neil. Also, the pickup is by appointment

only. We have to have a clearance, and also SWAT notified in advance.

Let me know!


~* Dona *~
Dona A. Bastian

Wildhorse & Burro Specialist

Gunnison Prison Facility Manager

Utah State Office
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