Another Ride!

I can hardly believe it! I actually did get to ride today, just like I planned. This doesn't happen - when I make plans, something always comes up. Not this time though. Indy and I had another super 30 minute ride.

I used the Myler snaffle again but raised it a bit in his mouth. It seemed more comfortable for him this way, but he still much preferred having it out. Next ride, I'm going to try the Happy Mouth D-ring again, and see if I can detect any difference. Indy responded very well to the Myler, but he certainly didn't enjoy it. We shall see. I doubt he'll ever like going with a bit as opposed to bitless, but I'd like to be able to train with a bit because I just think it gives a more understandable, clearer signal than the sidepull, below.
Indy And His Favorite Bridle

The only bad note of the ride was my left leg/hip. It hurt. It hurt worse than on Monday's ride in fact. I just hope that it was only slower to recover from out of shape muscles that my right leg and that it will be better in a few days when the weather clears up - at least the weather's supposed to clear up over the weekend.

Hopefully, it won't rain a lot and will dry up soon so we can ride again. Having a few days off for my leg to recover probably isn't a bad idea, but too many days off and I'll just be starting over. Even though my hip did hurt worse while riding, I wasn't in nearly as bad shape the over night and the next morning as I was Tuesday morning after Monday's ride - not even close. So, I'll write that up to progress - rather than mere chance - and hope I'm correct. I'll know for sure next ride, whenever that is. Soon, please.............

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