The First Day of FALL! What Happened To SUMMER?

Okay, I know I say this every fall, but dang it, fall and winter pass SO much more slowly than spring and summer. Hopefully we will have a nice "Indian summer" this year so Indy and I can make some more progress.

We did have a nice ride a couple of days ago. It was longer than usual, and he was higher than I think I've ever seen him. Maybe it was just getting out to the grass, because I know he's really hungry - more about this later - or possibly it was the adjustments I made to his sidepull - I raised the noseband because it looked too low, but he didn't seem to like that at all. So, it was a bit more of a ride than usual in addition to being longer.

It all pointed up how out of shape I am. Indy was fine, but the muscles in my legs were - and still are - really sore, with my arms and hands a bit of a problem as well. I readjusted the sidepull, but I think I'll do some more ground work, possibly with the bit, to get him a little lighter. I just hope, like I said, that the weather will give us a break.

The reason I knew Indy was really hungry was because we've had to cut down on their ration of hay - again. I've mentioned that we had a lot of clover this year, and they have already started gaining weight from our hay! Dang! They were already on a diet, and we've cut them back as much as we feel like we can. And needless to say, we never feed grain or any other concentrates.

If we have as much clover next year, we're just going to have to kill it out. These two just can't handle the calories, and they need to be able to have at least enough hay to keep their digestive systems healthy without getting obese. It's no fun being an easy keeper, as I know from experience. I was always an easy keeper myself, gaining weight on a claorie count that most people would have lost weight with.

Since my muscles are much to sore to try to ride - or even do ground work yet - I've just been grooming. But - I'm having no end of problems with one of our half grown barn kittens. I named her Terror when she was just a baby, little knowing how well that name would fit her. Oh, she's very friendly. In fact, that's the problem. She won't leave me alone while I'm trying to work on the horses.

She's incredibly persistent - if I try to ignore her she will leap from the stall rail half way across the stall, landing on my neck. Needless to say, this can be quite a shock. It also can be quite painful when her little claws dig into my skin, protected only by a thin shirt. At least Indy doesn't spook when I scream into his ear.

If Terror isn't launching herself onto my back, she's wandering around the stall under Indy's feet. As one can imagine, this is most distracting. She is such a sweet kitty, and I love her dearly, but if she doesn't lose interest in this game pretty soon I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the little demon. Oops! My bad - Demon is another pesky little half grown kitty that's always under foot.....

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  1. I emjoyed the blog and I am like you and hoping for a LONG autumn season. The horses seem to be gearing up early with heavy winter haircoats that started in late August with a few cool nights. Sorry to hear you have been having muscle problems. We finally get some good weather and we are to tired to enjoy it! Take care of yourself and ejoy your quiet grooming time if you can catch a "terror kitty" break. LOL


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