!!!!!!!!!!! RANT ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You were warned....

No, I'm not going to rant about the weather, although I'd love to. But, we have it so much better than millions of others here in the sodden Midwest that I think I'll skip that topic - for now.

Instead I'm going to blow off some steam that's been building up for some time now about Internet Etiquette - or rather the lack thereof. I know the Net has it's own "Netiquette," but there are still some basics that apply everywhere. That is, if you want anyone to pay any attention to your expressed opinions.

Everyone knows about those hypocrites who use the anonymity of the internet to use vile language and express obscene opinions they would never put up there if they had to stand up and take responsibility for them. I just ignore them as well as those slime balls who join a discussion just to cause trouble. They're not worth my time either.

My greatest lack of respect is reserved to those who sincerely believe they're adding useful opinions to blog comments, forums, etc. but haven't done their homework, and yet address those who disagree with them as if they were total idiots who never should have expressed an opinion in the first place.

An example of this - that really got under my skin - was in the comments to a blog post - not one of mine - about the hot button issue of horse slaughter. This person was agreeing with the blogger that horse slaughter was a necessary evil.

She started her comment by saying she wished all the "tree hugging PETA types would just stay out of it," and then, apparently also assuming that those of us who are anti slaughter must be ignorant first time horse owners who "love their pretty horsey in the pasture" lawn ornaments and didn't have a clue that with or without slaughter - this dripping with contempt - "guess what, horses DIE" with all the attendant issues of "carcass disposal" (again, her term) and so on.

I can usually ignore such arrogant ignorance, but not this time. I was far too offended - no, I was furious - not to say something. Maybe if, even after six years, DJ's death weren't still an open wound, I could have let it pass. Maybe if she hadn't shown such complete ignorance about PETA and what that organization is really all about, I could have stayed out of it. But, gentle readers, I was totally pissed off. Besides, I honestly felt she needed to be educated a little bit before she pissed off someone who has a bit less self control than I do.

Folks, please remember when you post something, hold the contempt and sarcasm. You could be wrong. You might be mistaken. You could possibly be as clueless as this person who didn't fathom that because a person is against slaughter that they don't know their beloved horses can die! I asked her how dare she assume something like that and post it with such utter contempt. I felt like she had twisted the knife that DJ's loss will always be for me.

As for the PETA accusation, well... ignorance can be forgivable, but if you're going to be so confrontational, sarcastic and unforgiving yourself, you better know what you're talking about. Otherwise, you'll look as idiotic as she did. If you don't understand what I mean about PETA, find out. Learn something.

I also am beginning to really hate those who think that because it's the net they can write like thEy had nevr been to scool in there life and dont evEn no whut capital leTTers mean Xcept in the midle of woRds and apearntl nevr even heRd of punctuashun

But, I'll save all that for another post.


  1. LOL! All the pro folks do is rant. No research, no facts, just rants. PETA isn't involved in the anti horse slaughter efforts but since they don't know how to research anything, they keep associating us with PETA. Ask them for facts to back their comments and they change the subject, rant more or disappear from the comment threads. It's actually laughable.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Vicki. Like I said, the PETA comment was bad - and ignorant - enough, but what really got me was the thoughtless cruelty of those contemptuous comments "informing" us stupid anti slaughter fools that "horses DIE"

    I know all too well that horses die. My dearest friend of 20 years died in 2002 with his head in my arms. So, no I don't need some arrogant, clueless commenter to tell me that horses do die.

    One can only hope that at least SOME will learn to do their homework before they paint their finger nails with gun powder and blast away.


"From my earliest memories, I have loved horses with a longing beyond words." ~ Robert Vavra