I'm Not Making This Up - Honest

In my last post I was moaning about how cold it was and Indy getting cast - which bothered me a whole lot more than it bothered him.

Well, yesterday it was over 60 degrees. And it had been in the 50s for several days before that. It was 55 today. Yes, this is northern Indiana in January. We were even under a tornado watch last evening for heaven's sake!

All this warmth of course quickly melted the considerable snow pack we'd been accumulating - and then it started raining. Yes, rain and lots of it pouring down overnight and this morning.

Half our back field is under water, but that's a long way from the horses, and the barn is high and dry. I'm sure many of my friends can't say the same however. I think this is the worst flooding I've seen since Mike and I moved here in 1992.

I groomed Indy yesterday. You can imagine what a waste of time that was! Today he was sopping wet and looked as if he hadn't been groomed in his life. Ami was the same. Oh well. I didn't groom Indy because I expected him to stay clean. I did it because it was record breaking warm and he's in full winter coat. Naturally, he had itchy spots that he wanted scratched.

Indy directs me to the spots he especially wants taken care of. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out where the spot is - humans are so slow to catch on - but he persists until I find all of them and give them a vigorous currying. I may have trouble finding the spots sometimes, but Indy leaves no doubt when I finally get there.

See what I mean?

Oh, and yes, these are all pictures of the same horse. The first two in the spring/summer, the second two in the fall/winter. Indy's a regular chameleon.


  1. I can't believe tornados in the middle of winter. I so feel for you. I hope you stay safe.

    As for finding those itchy spots, I so agree. Horses know how to get you to the right spot and then tell you you've found it.

  2. Thank you for your post, Rainbow. I can't believe tornadoes this time of year either. Thank goodness we weren't affected.

    You stay safe as well. It seems no place is exempt from the crazy weather we're having these days.

  3. Your horses are beautiful and anyone can tell from the pictures how much you enjoy one another. We sure are having crazy weather too here in the east. One week warm and the next below 0 degrees wind chill. p.s. I am also a James Garner fan for years, ever since Maverick, what a class act he is.

  4. Hi, grey horse matters, and thanks for your comment. Yes, my horses and I have a lot of fun together.

    I've been a Garner fan since Maverick also. He is indeed a class act and a fine gentleman.


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