Making Hay While The Sun Shines

I've had a busy few days since my last post. I did get to ride the next day as I'd hoped, and Indy and I had a very nice 15 minutes. I know that doesn't seem very long, but, despite the time I've had him, he's still quite green, and I don't want to push him and make his back sore or something. We had worked up to 30 minutes, but that was last year - when it started raining and didn't stop.

Last Sunday we spent the day getting our hay in. The weatherman said there was a chance of rain on Monday, and we knew we'd be sure to get a gully washer if our hay wasn't safely inside the barn. That's just the way it works.

We bale the hay on the upper 9 acres. Mike and I don't bale the hay - we have a guy who has the equipment do it. Sheeh! The investment in equipment just to do nine acres - well, let's just say it would be impractical! Not only that, square bales - which are best for horses - are a lot of work! As the hay comes out of the binder, the bales have to be stacked on the wagon. When the wagon is full, you have to off load the bales into the barn - then do it all over again until the field is finished. Those bales weigh in at about 50 lbs. Now that's work.

I used to at least be able to help stack the bales in the barn, but since I've had my hip replaced I'm absolutely forbidden to lift that much weight. Besides, this time we had so many barn kittens I had my hands full - literally - keeping them from getting squashed by a bale being tossed off the wagon. Most of the cats hid, but some little kittens are too curious for their own good.

Monday and Tuesday were extremely hot and humid, so I didn't even try to ride - by mutual consent between Indy and me. We were supposed to get some rain Monday night and Tuesday morning, and we did get a bit. Not nearly enough though. We've had very little rain this month, and things are beginning to look pretty dry. They're already saying hay is going to be tight this year. Thank goodness we have ours in!!

I rode for another 15 minutes this afternoon, as it was much cooler, and Indy and I had a fine time. He's getting more responsive by the day, and he seems perfectly relaxed and content while under saddle. He's also extremely gentle and sweet. Good boy!

We're supposed to have a 30% chance of rain tomorrow and the next day. I sure hope it comes about. We really do need it, even though I personally would like to ride... But then, that's always the case!

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