Who Says Good Help Is Hard To Find?

Maybe I'm just lucky, but there is never a shortage of good help in my barn.

Ok, Indy. Are you ready to start?

That's the way!

Oops! It's okay - we'll just start again.

Now you're gettin' it!

All right!

Let's carry it out of the stall.

Reward for a job well done!

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I guess it's a good thing I do have such wonderful help. It's been a long winter. First, I kept getting some sort of infection that ran down the sides of my finger nails. Not only did it damage the nails, it was excruciatingly painful. I was fighting this all winter.

Just as that seemed to finally be coming under control, my indoor cat, Trilby, got overly excited upon seeing one of the barn cats through the window and bit me on the forearm. Now, I've been bitten by cats, dogs, horses and even a couple of cousins and had no problem. This time I ended up in the ER.

I was running a temp of 103 and my entire arm was bright red and hugely swollen. They finally let me go - with a promise to see my own doc first thing in the morning - after IV antibiotics, gallons of blood for tests, a tetanus booster and a prescription for an oral antibiotic.

My own doc gave me a shot of yet another powerful antibiotic and wanted me to come back the next day for a second shot. Well.....

Fortunately I recovered rapidly after all this, but my arm and hand were quite sore for several days.

Now, it's April and it's cold and snowing. I'm afraid to ask what else can go wrong...

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