URGENT: BLM Plans Helicopter Roundup of Pryor Mountain Horses

URGENT: BLM still plans to destroy Cloud’s Herd « Straight from the Horse's Heart

Bureau of Land Management on Rampage to Destroy Famous Wild Horse Herd
For Immediate Release August 10, 2009

Cloud and the wild horses of Montana’s PryorMountains are world famous but fame it appears is not going to protect the herd from a drastic government round up planned to begin September 1st in their spectacular wilderness home.

There are currently only 190 wild horses (one year and older) living in the PryorMountains. The BLM plans to remove 70 of them, plus foals. According to the foremost equine geneticist, Dr. Gus Cothran, 150-200 adult horses are needed in the herd to ensure their genetic diversity, which is vital to their long term survival.

These 70 horses would be placed in jeopardy. Any horses over 10 years of age can be bought directly by killer buyers and transported over the Northern border to Canadian slaughterhouses or south into Mexico. Younger horses not adopted would be put into government holding with 33,000 others that the BLM has removed from the wild and has proposed killing because they can no longer afford to feed them.

BLM cites poor range condition as the reason to remove the horses but abundant snow and rain for the past two and a half years has produced wonderful range conditions according to all who have visited Cloud and his herd.  The Agency is not listening to anyone. They want this herd gutted. Nearly all the mares returned to the range would be given an experimental two-year infertility drug, PZP-22.

This helicopter round up is just one among many that the BLM is trying to complete, perhaps before the Obama Administration can catch up with what is going on.

The PryorMountain wild horses are descendants of the Lewis and Clark horses who were stolen by the Crow Indians in the early 1800’s.  They can be traced further back to the horses brought over with the Spanish Conquistadors in 1500 making them one of the most Spanish of all wild horse herds in North America.

Contact President Obama and Vice President Biden here:

Please contact The Cloud Foundation for more information
www.thecloudfoundation.org, info@thecloudfoundation.org, 719-633-3842
* www.rimrockhumanesociety.org

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  1. I sent a request for action to the white house address and hope many more will do so too.
    This is just another example of the BLM's uncaring nonsense towards the wild horses of America.

  2. You are absolutely right about the BLM. Thank you so much for your efforts. I hope many more will do so as well. Enough is enough!

  3. I'm wondering if you would mind if I posted your post over on my blog in the hopes that more people would see it and maybe take action. I wouldn't do anything without permission from you.

  4. Hi! I saw your email before I saw this comment. I've replied to you that it's GREAT if you want to reblog this or any other of my posts. In fact, I wish lots of people would re-post this. As you say, we need to get the word out!

    Take care and I hope to hear from you when you get back.

  5. Thanks soo much for this alert! I saw it over on GHM blog and have sent a msg along for the the Pres for intervention!

  6. Thanks Suzanne, I appreciate you letting me do this. I hope a lot more people will repost too and thank you for letting us all know what's going on with this particular herd. What a shame.


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